It's who we are.

Our Vision

What is our vision?

It's All About Connecting

The vision of Vine Fellowship is to CONNECT individuals to God, other Christians and the world.

A person who is CONNECTED TO GOD knows Jesus Christ as Savior, has been water baptized, is filled with the Holy Spirit and is growing in their faith through prayer, fasting, Bible reading, worship and giving.

An individual who is CONNECTED TO OTHER CHRISTIANS fellowships with and has strong relationships with other Christians and is using his/her gifts to serve others.

An individual who is CONNECTED TO THE WORLD demonstrates God’s love through service and sharing the Gospel, by supporting and participating in world missions and by mentoring disciples for Christ.


What are our values?

Be Like Jesus

Personal Growth: We actively pursue spiritual growth that is rooted in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evangelism: We purposefully look for opportunities to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Community: We intentionally provide an atmosphere of love, acceptance and encouragement.

Missional Living: We passionately live a life that demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways.

Where to find us

Vine Fellowship

5229 Kelly Elliott Rd. Arlington, TX 76017